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Papaya Workshop Evening 26th Feb


Are you concerned about your child’s use of technology? Come along to an interactive evening on Feb 26th at Hope Chapel to discuss these important issues together. Please come individually or bring friends and members of your community with you.

The evening will cover the following:

"The challenges of parenting in a digital age" A chance to discuss the impact of technology use on you and your family, led by Victoria Bowen, Co-founder of PAPAYA and former headteacher. 

"Solutions for digital parenting" Things we can do to keep a healthy balance with technology and practical tips for keeping our children safe online, led by Nikki Kooner, Co-founder of PAPAYA and technologist.

"How to unplug and reconnect" Breaking phone addiction and building self esteem, by Dr Susie Davies, Co-founder of PAPAYA and local GP.

Feedback from our PAPAYA launch As a result of the talk I have both my children off tech, participating in board games and back building Lego most evenings. Family life has been restored, after a few battles. I have even started a phone a friend initiative to get people picking up the phone and talking with one another. So many adults also seemed glued to their phones... let’s see what happens! Many thanks for the ‘reality check’.” 

When: Tuesday 26 February 2019 6:45 pm - 9:30 pm
Where: Hope Chapel, Hope Chapel Hill, Bristol BS8 4ND
Price: £5, please buy them here -