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Stronger Together, Exploring Wellbeing 9th Mar


Physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease is all around us. Many of the difficulties that affect people do not have quick or simple solutions. The need frequently exceeds the available resources.

Body, mind and spirit are each an important part of the whole person, but generally they are treated separately. by current UK systems of healthcare, social care and pastoral care.

We will hear from people sharing deep experiences of transformation in body, mind and spirit. There will be space for personal reflection and group discussion. Among us are many who have worked in caring professions such as health care, social care and pastoral care, or are practitioners involved in wellness, fitness and nutrition.

When: Saturday 9th March, 9.30 am - 5 pm
Where: E5 City Church Bristol, 3-15 Jamaica Street Bristol BS2 8JP View Map
Price: £25, to book visit