Churches Bristol Elections "Lets Work Together" Manifesto


In 2016, representatives of the churches in Bristol launched a Manifesto for Bristol with policy initiatives they hoped would encourage the new administration elected in May to work on addressing the key issues facing Bristol in partnership with the Christian community.

This resource was helpful for voters, community and candidates, in highlighting contributions to the city from faith groups and opportunities to work together.

“Put together, the churches run more youth work, toddler groups and informal groups for older people than anyone else in the city. Additionally the 5K Partnership of foodbanks and other groups feed 15,000 households per year when crises hit. Church groups provide many different services, such as parenting support and care for the homeless, ex-prisoners and asylum seekers; and they seek to change the City through investment, informal education, skills training and mentoring.”

The Manifesto shows examples of flagship work across seven different themes such as “Education and Opportunity”. These projects and programmes would welcome closer ties with the City Council and other agencies in order to benefit the City.

Churches recognise that they are only one of many groups that the Mayor and Council will want to work with, but they are also asking that a dedicated member of the Council, preferably in the new Cabinet, and a senior Officer are jointly made the contact points for all the Faith Communities in Bristol.

The Manifesto has been prepared by a group of key leaders who support the Social Action carried out by the Church. It has been commended by Churches Together in Greater Bristol and the Bristol branch of the Evangelical Alliance.

The full Manifesto is available here: Download A Christian Manifesto Bristol PDF Version

Colse Leungnews