Common Ground & A Common Cause


Each month we will have a short special feature to help raise awareness of some of the work going on in and around the city. To kick things off however, this month’s guest contributor is Colse Leung - one of the team behind this new website.

When I think about the city I am amazed at the colour and beauty of it all. Bristol is a city that has at least 180 countries of birth and at least 91 main languages spoken within its bounds, has a wide and varied cultural background and it seems I can’t go one week with out seeing someone share that “Bristol has been voted one of the top places to live”.

Yet at the same time, we have some significant challenges around things like homeless, debt and food poverty and unresolved issues around mental health, negativity in our social media and our general demeanour towards each other.

In a recent comment, The Queen urged the country to find "common ground" and to respect "different points of view" and I guess I feel some what similar.

I choose to believe that we, as people of a common faith and a common geography, can be people that seek to serve and represent Jesus in the city and for the city. That our common ground earths our way forward towards our common cause and belief that God is very much for the whole city.

That together we can build something that none of us could ever individually achieve on our own. That together - we are stronger, not just for our own sake’s or purpose’s but for those within our city and reach that need help, justice or just a ‘cup of cold water’.

My hope for you and for this website, is that it will be:

A Place to Enlighten - where any one can discover what the collective Christian community are part of, working with and leading in.

A Place to Engage -  where people can access relevant accurate information, training/events and opportunities from Christian charities, churches, organisations and initiatives. 

A Place to Empower - a website that focuses on enabling and empowering Christinas within the city to not only be informed but to also take part.

If you do have event, training, opportunities or news we would love to hear from you. Please contract

Grace & Peace, Colse

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