Environment & Creation

The world belongs to God, who expects us to care for it for the good of all. Bristol is a great place to live, but is also one of the more polluted cities in the country. What can we do?

The challenge

There are huge, often hidden, costs that come with poor environments. In Bristol:

  • High levels of pollution result in the deaths of 200 people every year. 

  • There are high levels of chest and respiratory problems.

  • There has been a 40% increase in childhood cancers from air pollution, pesticides, solvents, junk food etc. 

  • Traffic jams cost Bristol an estimated £600 million pa. 

  • Poor environments lead to mental and physical health issues, relationship stresses, economic problems for families and significant costs in both benefits and lost contributions.  

  • Some areas are environmentally attractive, others are not. 

  • All areas have environmental issues. 

  • We are all at risk of being adversely affected.

  • Sorting these problems out simply makes sense. 

  • If we do nothing, the problems will continue to get worse.

Let’s use our God-given imaginations for the good of all life. We're the only species that is creative in this way, made in the image of God.

The response

  • A Rocha UK helps Christians take practical action to care for the Earth

  • Bristol Fair Trade Network helps churches implementing Green strategies

  • Bristol Noise shows God's love in practical ways' in urban estates across Bristol

  • Climate Stewards people offset unavoidable carbon emissions by supporting community forestry, water filter and cookstove projects in the developing world

  • Eco Church South West aims to provide resources to churches and church members who seek to address ecological issues

  • Global Aware Bristol resources church and community members in responding to environmental and developmental challenges as part of a wider movement in the world

  • Green Christian exists to share Green insights with Christians and to offer Christian insights to the wider Green movement

  • Operation Noah is a Christian charity working with the Church to inspire action on climate change

  • Shrinking the Footprint is the Church of England's national environmental campaign

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