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The city of Bristol launched the Bristol Children’s Charter in August of 2018. The charter is comprised of a series of ten pledges that detail how we as a city can encourage decision makers to prioritise the rights and best interests of children and young people. 

We are ambitious and determined that Bristol should be a brilliant place to grow up for all children, and we believe this can happen if key organisations come together to make a pledge to put children at the heart of how we govern, develop and enjoy the city. Importantly, we are pledging to support parents and carers too. Our charter is an aspirational vision of how we want our city to be for our youth, and your commitment to support the charter’s aims and passion for the cause would be greatly appreciated.

If the organisation that you represent and the work that you do support key charter pledges, we would be keen to recognise your efforts by having your organisation officially sign on to the Bristol Children’s Charter. As a signatory organisation, you would become part of a larger consortium of bodies dedicated to contributing positively to the creation of a city of hope and aspiration. We plan to review the charter on an annual basis and will be continually monitoring progress against all ten pledges. 

If you support the mission of the Children’s Charter and would like to be formally recognised as a signatory organisation, please fill out the following form: In addition, please contact the office at with information about the specific charter pledges your organisation is keen to uphold. The Children’s Charter are more than happy to discuss the charter in further detail and answer any questions you may have. 

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