Bristol Housing Festival


We face a national crisis in the affordability of our housing and our public services. The option to simply ‘do more with less’ has become impossible.

Together, as the people that make up the city of Bristol, we need the courage to reimagine and to rethink, to hope for a better future. Right now, there is the opportunity to find solutions for significant change in the face of this challenge.

Following the launch in October/November 2018, the Festival will run for five years during which time new communities will be commissioned, funded and built across the city. The Festival intends to road-test a range of existing concepts and innovative solutions in the real-world helping to speed up the delivery of quality, affordable housing in the city. These prototypes will help develop scalable and longer-term solutions to support local government to create housing, places and communities promote hope and wellbeing.

“Bristol is known as a festival city – St Paul’s Carnival, Urban Paint festival and International Balloon Fiesta are some of our biggest examples, and our city is rightly celebrated as a fantastic place to live. But this isn’t the case for all of our citizens, and key to making an inclusive city where we can all enjoy what it has to offer, we have to find the best ways of tackling our housing crisis.” Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol

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