Be part of a Charities and Ministries Hub?


The last 20 years has seen the development of many new organisations within the Christian community in Bristol. These do vital work including supporting vulnerable groups or reaching out to specific sectors which do not naturally map onto the work of local churches. Some have developed charitable status.

 The challenges involved in running and growing these organisations are considerable and includes raising funds, administration, communication and charity compliance.

The possibility of developing a “Charities and Ministries Hub” to share resources and achieve economies of scale has been raised. B&A church has offered access to a physical space (the balcony at The Michael’s church building on Pigsty Hill in Bishopston). Work is well underway to turn it into a functional office.

It would be helpful to know if this addresses a real need. Download here a list of services which could be offered and I would be grateful if you could indicate if these might be of interest. Suggested services are currently hypothetical. Expressions of interest do not commit you to anything. Further comments or discussions would be welcomed. 

If the project proceeds, an initial “test and learn” phase would be free of charge. After this, the project would need to cover its ongoing costs.

Closing date for comments: 22/03/2019

Contact Geoff Hogg 07980 821885

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