Faith and Social Action Conference 18th June



Faith and Social Action Conference 18 June 2019 –  9.30am until 2.30pm, City Hall

 Bristol is a city that is known for its innovation, culture, creativity, diversity and its many faith communities play a crucial role in this. It is also a city with many challenges – tens of thousands of people don’t get to share in its story of hope and opportunity. We have six areas in Bristol in the top 1% most deprived in England and 45 areas in the top 10% most deprived.

 Over the past year, faith communities across Bristol have been coming together to explore how they play a crucial role in tackling these challenges, through food banks, night shelters and  youth work among others. This work is largely delivered by volunteers and we want to bring together residents from across the city to explore efforts to solve the same issues together.

Out of these discussions with faith communities and in keeping with the One City Plans shared vision of Bristol as being a city of hope and aspiration, comes the idea for a conference, held at City Hall, exploring how different communities in the city understand and combine faith and social action and come together to create a platform of understanding from which deep partnerships can grow.


It will be an opportunity to:

•    Hear from the Mayor and leading thinkers from Bristol’s faith communities on how their traditions and beliefs inspire social action

•    Learn about a variety of faith-based social action projects

•    Networking space to explore the potential for shared learning and build relationships between individuals and communities

•    Plan a more citywide approach to solve common issues.


Please join us on Tuesday 18 June, and share the conference Eventbrite link among those in your networks.

Colse Leungcommunity